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6 Pillars of Service

Payment International Enterprise (PIE) founders are serial entrepreneurs in the MENA region since early 1900’s were they started and founded several trade, real state, pharmaceutical, financial service, and e-commerce establishments building on the vast experience in building new products and services PIE was established to meet MENA region needs for innovative, reliable, and efficient financial products for the masses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the financial inclusion by working with banks, Telco’s, and distribution networks to provide effective efficient financial services that enables customers to reduce their cash dependence.

Our Products

Prepaid Products

PIE offers the full value chain of cashless payment on a once-stop basis: payment systems, risk management, compliance, banking, and branchless banking. We develop individual solutions for each of our customers needs in the banking and telecom sectors. Helping to ensure secure, transparent, minimum risk (operational, Capex, Opex) whether online, mobile, or offline for any financial process that can be outsourced to PIE in the space of payroll, virtual, gifting, retail, corporate, travel, fuel, government, youth, general purpose prepaid business. PIE develops a solution that is tailored to streamline banks, & telecom goals with customer goals while meeting regulator needs and rules. Each of our products will comply with:


  • EMV
  • Risk & Compliance tailored to each country
  • Multi Base currencies
  • Issuing
  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Payments
  • Customer Care
  • Program Management
  • Program Marketing
  • Product Design Team
  • Local & Remote Issuing Solutions
  • Closed/ Open Loop

Product Lines

  • Payroll
  • Corporate
  • Virtual
  • Gift
  • Government
  • Fuel
  • Travel
  • Youth
  • General Purpose
  • Online acceptance
  • Offline Acceptance
  • Mobile
  • NFC

Value Added Services

PIE foresee the needs and expectation of financial service by customers to increase and ask for more control on their payments requirements due this PIE bridges the gap between Banks, Customer, Trade, Telco’s, and different Billers to provide an eco system platform were all stakeholder may benefit from instant, efficient, effective payment service, below are some Value Added Service PIE provides to its partners:
  • Prepaid Air Time Top-Up: empowering prepaid cardholders to top-up there mobile, Internet, and telecom accounts using their mobile device, POS, online, NFC.
  • Billers: empowering prepaid cardholders to settle their bills using their mobile device, POS, online, NFC.
  • Remittance: enabling prepaid cardholder to initiate remittance transaction in real time with no need to visit a convectional bank outlet or exchange outlet.
  • P2P: Allowing subscribers to transfer monies between them selves using a mobile, or online portal.
  • Loyalty: Different loyalty schemas can be supported.
    • Points system
    • Direct discounts
    • Geo marketing
  • Gift Card Issuance: prepaid cardholders will be able to issue a prepaid non reloadable cards from an mobile or online portal
  • Multi Currency: prepaid cardholders will be able to multi currencies wallets associated with their main account like country official currency, US$, euro, INR, ….
  • Parking: paying parking from your mobile handsets.
  • Ticketing: buying airline, subway, and any transportation tickets from the comfort of a mobile or online portal.
  • Merchant cash-out/Cash-in: cardholders can be enabled to cash-out or cash-in their prepaid accounts from any of authorized merchant networks.
  • ATM Kiosk: small kiosk terminals for limited cash-out/cash-in services to the cardholders with predefined set of threshold.

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