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Payment International Enterprise (PIE) Announces Partnership With MasterCard As A Principal Licensee

Payment International Enterprise (PIE) announces partnership with MasterCard as a principal licensee

Payment International Enterprise (PIE) announced that it is now a principal licensee for MasterCard. With this advancement, PIE shows its strategic commitment to providing innovative, reliable, and efficient financial products for the masses in the MENA region. PIE offers the full value chain of cashless payment including various types of prepaid products for the banking and telecom sectors. In addition, PIE offers online check-out solutions such as Masterpass which is a digital service that gives consumers a better way to pay while enhancing and simplifying the physical and digital shopping experience

PIE is a leading specialist in Prepaid, Mobile, & NFC solutions for the Banked and Unbanked at the core of customers payment needs. The company is investing heavily in infrastructure development, thus making high-value commitments to the future and striving to provide their customers with end-to-end services as a Single Provider. One of the company’s major projects in 2016 was the launch of eGovKIOSKs and TAM Dinar project for the Bahrain Government institutions to facilitate ease of payments for Government services. This successful project is one of many strategies PIE is undertaking to lead the way in moving towards a cashless society, and innovating alternative payment options for a modern world.

Fawaz Ghazal, CEO, PIE stated “This is a major milestone for PIE. The Mastercard license allows us to provide international player products to our clients and expand our services beyond conventional payments. Our newly formed partnership will play a vital and crucial role towards our commitment to transform Bahrain into a cashless society by 2030.  We look forward to the future and will continue to take major leaps via our collaboration with Mastercard.”

Fawaz added “This comes at a strategic time when the Government of Bahrain is looking to mandate a Wage Protection System solution which is set for implementation on a national level. Our partnership with Mastercard will allow us to provide outstanding end-to-end solutions that serve employers and employees in the best of our capacity within the region.”

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