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TAM BILLS App is being introduced to make your life easier.
No cash on hand? Can’t find the nearest TAM Kiosk? Hesitant to go out ? Not to worry.

Just use our TAM BILLS App to pay your telecom bills, purchase a calling card or gift voucher.

TAM Prepaid Cards
Bahrain’s first ever vertical cards

TAM Prepaid Cards give you the convenience & flexibility you deserve.
The great news is, your money is never locked! You can enjoy using them in Bahrain
& the GCC, or cash out through our TAM Kiosks network, any ATM in Bahrain & the
GCC or at partner exchange houses. You can also top-up your cards with cash,
transfers or debit cards, and link them to the TAM Wallet to have full control over
your expenses!


Be one of the first to own the first ever vertical Card, with designs tailored just for you! Get One Now

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under WPS system

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TAM Dinar Bahrain dinar BHD BD Money

Go Cashless.
Go TAM Dinar

TAM DINAR is a cashless payment method developed by PIE payment international enterprise. It is an alternative payment solution to cash that consists of a receipt issued from TAM Kiosks or TAM mPOS and acts like a digital payment. TAM Dinar used at major government and commercial institutions who have decided to join the cashless movement

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TAM Kiosks
All Your Payments In One Place

TAM Kiosks are one-stop self-service machines, tailored with a variety of payment services to meet your every need. Whether it’s a bill payment, a government service, a remittance, a gift or gaming voucher, or more, TAM Kiosks are the most convenient way to pay, located in major commercial and governmental institutions.

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Pay Anywhere

TAM mPOS are innovative Android based payment devices, offering an array of payment services and telecom and gift vouchers for quick and easy payments in more than 3,000 points across Bahrain. TAM mPOS also offer third-party QR payment acceptance.

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Acquiring Services

Making payments easier, is PIE’s main focus
Acquiring services enable the market to accept different types of payments, and
PIE – payment international enterprise is licensed to offer them all, at competitive rates.

mPOS Acquiring

Your customers like to pay by card? #ConsideritTAM
Start accepting card payments today,
at the most competitive rates.

QR Payments

Your customers like to use mobile wallets? #ConsideritTAM
Start accepting QR payments today
for all types of mobile wallets in Bahrain.

Payment Gateway

Your customers want to pay online? #ConsideritTAM
Start accepting online payments today,
at the most competitive rates.

Corporate Services
Corporate Prepaid Cards

TAM corporate prepaid cards are the ultimate solution to have full control over your company expenses. Get your card today, with limits up to 10,000 BHD*, and get access to the corporate portal for your statements and easy top-ups.
*Terms and conditions apply


Offer more convenience and access to your customers by accepting cash and card payments for your business on any of our kiosks. PIE – Payment International Enterprise handles the collection, reconciliation and settlements, and alleviates that hassle from your business!

Our Clients   


Ride the wave of innovation and offer your services on self-service platforms. PIE offers full-fledged kiosks tailored to your business requirements, and handles the hardware and software development, operations and customer support, financial reconciliation and settlements, as well as maintenance services.

Our Clients


Pay salaries digitally with our payroll solutions and customized employee prepaid cards. Transfer your payroll file and salaries easily and securely through our corporate portal and allow your employees to be part of the financial ecosystem and benefit from an array of value-added services.

Partner-up? #ConsideritTAM

Empower your business with a Fintech solution and offer your customers the convenience they deserve.
Become a partner and offer your services through our platforms:

المؤسسة الملكية للأعمال الإنسانية
«PIE» تبرم شراكة مع «الملكية للأعمال الإنسانية» لإدماج نظام «بنفت للدفع عبر الـQR»

أعلنت شركة «بيمنت إنترناشيونال إنتربرايز – PIE»، عن انتهائها مؤخرًا من عملية تهيئة المؤسسة الملكية للأعمال الإنسانية وتمكينها من استخدام نظام بنفت للدفع عبر رمز الاستجابة السريعة (QR)، والذي سيسمح للمؤسسة بقبول التبرعات عن طريق هذه التقنية لحملتها الرمضانية «الخير متواصل». ويتوفر رمز QR الآن عبر إعلانات وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي والنشرات الورقية والعديد من نقاط الاتصال بالوسائط الأخرى، وذلك بهدف الوصول إلى أكبر عدد ممكن من الأشخاص.هذا وتقود PIE عددًا من المبادرات الرائدة التي تعمل على تعزيز التحوّل في حلول المدفوعات عبر الابتكار الرقمي، وتعتبر الشركة أكبر مستحوذ على المدفوعات عبر الـQR مع قاعدة تجارية تضم أكثر من 3200 تاجر. وتتمحور مهمة PIE الرئيسي حول تعزيز الشمول المالي من خلال العمل مع البنوك، وشركات الاتصالات، وشبكات التوزيع لتوفير خدمات مالية فعالة تمكن العملاء من تقليل اعتمادهم النقدي.وبهذه المناسبة، صرح فواز غزال، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة PIE، قائلًا: «لقد بدأ التزامنا تجاه المجتمع غير النقدي ورؤية المملكة 2030 في العام 2014. ومنذ ذلك الحين، عملنا على تقديم عددًا من الحلول للمستهلكين والشركات وتجار التجزئة والحكومة والمؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة من خلال قنواتنا المختلفة، والتي تشمل آلات الخدمة الذاتية، وشبكة نقاط البيع، وتطبيقات الأجهزة المحمولة مثل النقود الإلكترونية، ودفع الفواتير وتحصيلها، وحلول الرواتب، والدفع عبر الهاتف المحمول والمدفوعات عبر الـ QR. لقد ساهم تفشي…

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LMRA: First Phase of Wage Protection System (WPS) will Begin on May 1

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority has called on employers to join the wage protection system WPS and commit to regular and timely transfer of workers’ wages to their bank accounts through any of the payment methods facilitated by entities licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. In this regard, the LMRA noted that the first phase of the system is scheduled to start on May 1, and includes employers who employ 500 workers or more. The CEO of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority, Mr. Jamal Abdul Aziz AlAlawi, explained that the LMRA will implement the first phase on this date following the Cabinet’s decision to approve the timeline for the implementation of the wage protection system WPS, and the Minister of Labour and Social Development, Chairman of the Board of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority’s Decision Number 22 for the year 2021 on the timeline of implementation of the wage protection system for workers in the private sector. Al-Alawi pointed out that the authority engaged with business owners who are included in the roll-out of the first phase in advance, in addition to communicating with representatives of the private sector to ensure the seamless application of this phase. Speaking about…

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TAM Bills  TAM Bills provides a full spectrum of payment services through a leading payment application platform, operating with telecom payments, gift vouchers, governmental payments and different recharge services.   Empowerment  TAM Bills empowers all residents in Bahrain to enjoy the luxury of financial services by offering convenient and fast money transfers, top ups, and bill payments from the comfort of their home.   Features  You can access and download your bill payment history and simultaneously avoid long queues as well as the hassle of paper statements. It is available on App Store and Google Play.   Multi check out feature Add to card feature Payment History    Products  A wide selection of gift vouchers and top up cards are available on TAM Bills to cater to everyone’s needs. Ranging from gaming vouchers, entertainment vouchers and more.  Batelco Prepaid Postpaid Vouchers  ZainPrepaid Postpaid Vouchers  STC Prepaid  Electricity & Water Authority Bill Payments Menatelecom Lucky PlayStation Vouchers iTunes Vouchers Google Play VouchersXBOX Netflix TAM Bills App is a mobile app introduced to simplify your payments.No cash on hand? Can't find the nearest TAM Kiosk? Hesitant to go out? Not to worry. Just use TAM Bills App to pay your telecom bills, utility bills, purchase calling cards or gift vouchers all in one go! Through our multiple-payment feature, you can add to your cart multiple bills and…

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PIE Batelco Kiosks Powered By TAM
شركة ’PIE‘ تبرم شراكة مع ’بتلكو‘ لإطلاق أجهزة الخدمة الذاتية

عبر خدمة تسمح لـ’بتلكو‘ بإضافة خدماتها إلى منصات ’تم‘ وإنجاز مختلف أنواع المعاملات بفعالية وسرعة استجابة عالية : أعلنت ’بيمنت إنترناشيونال إنتربرايز – PIE‘، إحدى شركات التكنولوجيا المالية (فينتك) الرائدة في مملكة البحرين، عن إبرامها مؤخرًا لشراكة جديدة مع المزود الرائد لخدمات الاتصالات الرقمية في مملكة البحرين ’بتلكو‘، وذلك لإطلاق أجهزة الخدمة الذاتية الأولى للشركة مع خاصية إصدار شرائح ’SIM‘ للهواتف النقالة عبر  منصات ’تم‘ التابعة لـPIE.  هذا وقد قامت بتلكو بتوفير عدد من خدماتها عبر منصات ’ تم‘، ومن ضمن هذه الخدمات خدمة ’إعرف عميلك الكترونيًا‘ أو ما يعرف إختصارًا بـ’eKYC‘، وتسجيل المشتركين في الخدمات آجلة الدفع والخدمات مسبقة الدفع، إضافة إلى خدمات دفع الفواتير وتعبئة الرصيد. وتقبل منصات ’تم‘ الدفع النقدي باستخدام الدينار البحريني والريال السعودي، كما تقوم بإرجاع المبالغ المتبقية نقدًا، وتقبل أيضًا الدفع عبر استخدام بطاقات الخصم وبطاقات الائتمان. وسيتم إكمال جميع المعاملات تلقائيًا وبالتماشي مع سياسات هيئة تنظيم الاتصالات في مملكة البحرين وبتلكو، وذلك وفقًا لأعلى المعايير. تعتبر PIE إحدى أكبر مؤسسات الفينتك في مملكة البحرين الحاصلة على ترخيص مصرف البحرين المركزي. كما لدى الشركة العديد من الشراكات لتطوير الابتكار في عدد من المؤسسات الرائدة في مملكة البحرين، ومنها هيئة الحكومة الإلكترونية، وهيئة الكهرباء والماء، ووزارة المالية، وشركات التأمين، ومشغلي الاتصالات الرئيسيين في المملكة. علاوةً…

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PIE Batelco Kiosks Powered By TAM
(PIE) partners with Batelco to launch Digital Kiosks

This service has allowed Batelco to add all their services on TAM Kiosks and further ease their operations for completing transactions quickly (Batelco Digital Kiosks) PIE is A leading FinTech company in the Kingdom Payment International Enterprise (PIE) has partnered with Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO) to launch their first Digital Kiosks with SIM Dispensing capability on the TAM Kiosks. Batelco digitized its services on TAM Kiosks including but not limited to non-face-to-face eKYC & subscriber onboarding for pre-paid, and post-paid, also providing bill payments, and top-ups which can be accessed through the Digital Kiosks. TAM Kiosks accept cash payments in Bahraini Dinars and Saudi Riyals, provides cash back, and accepts debit and credit cards. All transactions are completed automatically and aligned with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and Batelco’s policies up to the highest standards. PIE, one of the largest FinTech organizations in Bahrain, is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB). PIE has various collaborations in Bahrain to innovate IGA, EWA, MOF, insurance companies, and major Telecom operators. PIE has direct integrations with all major billers in Bahrain and providesself-service machines to third parties to empower businesses with fintech solutions and offer a state- of-the-art experience to their…

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eGov services on TAM kiosks Bahrain
eGov services on TAM kiosks

eGov services on TAM kiosks eGovernment Services on TAM kiosks-Criminal Order PaymentThis service, provided by Public Prosecution in Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, allows individuals to pay their criminal orders Through TAM Kiosks.-Travel Ban EnquiryThis service, provided by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, allows citizens and residents to enquire about any verdicts issued from Execution Courts preventing them from traveling, with the ability to pay the amounts due for these verdicts.-Driving License RenewalThis service is provided as a part of General Directorate of Traffic Services, where it allows users to renew the driving licenses for private vehicles and motorcycles.-Vehicle Registration RenewalThis service is provided by the General Directorate Of Traffic to Individuals requesting to renew the annual registration for their vehicles and motorcycles.-Payment of Traffic ContraventionsThis service is provided by the General Directorate Of Traffic to Individuals, Businesses and Governmental Entities requesting to inquire about the payment of the traffic contraventions that has been registered on the vehicle, eGovernment Services on TAM kiosks helps the people to pay throug the kiosks where ever they are in the kingdom of Bahrain.-Renewal Of Mail Box-Tracking of Postal Package-Issuing Of Student CertificatesThis service, provided by Ministry of Education, allows Government school students to request copies of their intermediate and secondary school certificates from the…

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NEWS Payment International Enterprise attains a new height of payment security with PCI DSS 3.2.1 certification

Payment International Enterprise, one of the Kingdom’s largest FinTech companies has successfully attained the PCI DSS (PCI Data Security Standard) Compliance Certification. With this recent accomplishment, PIE has consolidated its position as one of the most secure business enabling platforms in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It displays PIE’s commitment to enhance its continuous security efforts towards customers and partners.  Security has been placed as a top priority within Payment International Enterprises operations and payment platforms. PIE is also a licensed PSP “Payment Service Provider” by CBB “Central Bank Bahrain”, a Card Issuer, an e-Money and e-Wallet Issuer, and an acquirer. PIE acts as a FinTech enabler in the market, offering services to other businesses to empower their customers and digitize their operations. After being positioned in the market as a leading FinTech company in Bahrain, PIE has ensured security and is compliant with all PCI DSS requirements.  In addition to the services offered by PIE, Bahrain’s only e-Money issuer for the Government of Bahrain “TAM Dinar”. Recently, PIE has launched it Wage Protection System to the unbanked and underbanked segments of the population. The PCI DSS certification reiterates PIE’s commitment to a proactive security approach, which focuses on maintaining compliance with…

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Payment International Enterprise drives digital transformation within the insurance industry with TAM Dinar

Insurance organizations in Bahrain such as AXA Insurance, Medgulf Takaful, Bahrain National Insurance (BNI), Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC) and Takaful have gone cashless with TAM Dinar. This is in line with the sector’s overall strategy to embrace digital transformation as part of their new direction to digitize and go cashless. TAM Dinar, which is Payment International Enterprise’s (PIE) licensed product has over 30 entities currently using the service and paving the way for others for a digital future. TAM Dinar launched in 2016, as one of PIE’s major cashless initiatives within Bahrain. It was adopted initially by the General Directorate of Traffic Services, and several other governmental and commercial institutions that have embraced the solution for its seamless experience. The insurance industry in Bahrain has been growing steadily and strongly, in line with expansion of Bahrain’s financial sector. The Kingdom’s insurance industry is taking major steps towards digital transformation; which allows insurance companies and insurers real and tangible advantages for reducing costs, increasing efficiency in the claims and improving customer satisfaction. TAM Dinar allows insurance corporates to embed a seamless way of operating, which enhances their customers’ experiences in an age where individuals demand simplicity, easier access, and flexibility…

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